World Religion Project


key beliefs

Ren- compassion, love, mercy, humanity

Yi- honesty and rightiousness

Li- correct behavior

Zhi- wisdom or knowledge

Xin- fidelity sincerity

Why do they believe that/what makes them want to follow this religion?

because his philosophy is all based on wisdom and compassion and love that there isn't any thing to be sceptical about.

How do extremists justify their actions?

their are no extremists because confucias urged his follower never to use violence again themselfs or others

Current event

A project called "Citizen Confucianism" was particularly initiated by the Qufu government this October, according to the Global Times, which aims to provide each of the city's 405 villages with a lecturer to teach twice a month the philosophy of Confucius.

side from the lectures, some village leaders are also making the rounds using loudspeakers to regularly broadcast classic Confucian stories and texts to the residents.

Across Qufu, the birthplace of Confucius, a month-long festival to celebrate "Citizen Confucianism" is reportedly in full swing.

Every day, crowds of people on trips organized by their villages, neighborhoods, companies and schools are dropped off at the Temple of Confucius to pay homage to the sage.

poem that represents the religion

let us join hands and mount our cars

my friends lovers all

no time remains for wordy jars

action calls

-section from discontent by confucias

I think this poem represents this philosophy because in this philosophy they believe to always have compassion, and so in the poem they talk about joining hands and taking action all together and I think that represents confucianism