New Zealand

By:Sammy Wynos,Lacey Lardinois,Jackson Shipley,Danny Euclide


New Zealand is across the ocean from America, yet they have a lot of similarities. There are still differences in there schools systems though . The American school system can benefit from looking how New Zealand does things, and make some minor changes. New Zealand scores higher than the U.S in the standardized test they took


New Zealand is very focused on what there students learn instead of grades and standardized testing . They make there grading scale so that it's easier for there kids to get good grades and not stress about grades but what they learn.

New Zealand's grading system.

A 80% - 100%

B 65% - 79%

C 50% - 64%

D 30% - 49%

E 0% - 29%

School schedule

The school year for the American school system is much shorter than the New Zealand. The American school system is in school for 180 days. The New Zealand school system has to be in school for 210. By expanding their school year they don't have to cram everything into 180 and can go a little more in depth into subjects.

Class Size

The New Zealand class room is definitely not as big as the American class room. In a average American class room there is around 23 kids in each class to one teacher. In New Zealand there's only 16 kids for every teacher. This gives the New Zealand school system a huge advantage over American school system. The teacher is able to spend more one on one time with the kids.
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Spending on students

New Zealand spending on students is much less than America. While the American school system spends about 11,500 American dollars on each student. New Zealand spends around 5,000 American dollars on each student. Even though they are spending less they way they use that money is much more efficient than the American school system. If we spent less on the students and hired more teachers I could fix the problem with the teachers being so spread out.
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I hope that you have learned about some of the thing US school systems can change to be better prepared. The American school system could benefit majorly from making these small changes. Hopefully they may be able to raise our test scores.