Friday Flash


Calendar Of Events

October 1- Wear a Blue Shirt for Bully Prevention Day

October 4- Limo Ride for Fundraiser Winners

October 8- No School-Fair Day

October 19- Report Cards Go Home

October 26- Fall Carnival

From Mrs. Johnson

We had a great success at our Donuts with Friends and our Literacy Night. Thank you for your donations and attendance.

Fair Tickets are going home today. Please check your student's folder for the free ticket.

Reminder: Please do not drop your student off in front of the school or on the road. This is a no parking or drop off zone. Pull all the way around the building for student drop off.

From Nurse Thorpe

Attention 5th grade parents:

The nurse will be performing spinal screenings on Tuesday, October 16th. Spinal screening notification letters were sent home earlier this week. If you do not want your child screened , you are required to fill out and return the Spinal Screen Exemption form prior to the screening date.

Please contact the school nurse for any questions regarding this required screening.

Counselor's Corner

Here is a reminder that even when we face challenges, we have the ability to meet their demands. The next time you are faced with a situation that appears to be difficult, consider using a growth mindset to get through it. Think things like "Challenges help me to grow" and "My effort and attitude determine my abilities". Fixed mindsets only keep us in our current state and minimize our potential to grow. #StayMotivated #GrowthMindset

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