2015 in Review

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Top Companies Marketed in 2015

1. Samsung did a great job of marketing themselves to put them on the same competing level as Apple this year. They came out with multiple smart phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy S6, and the Galaxy S6 Edge which were all top smartphones of 2015.

2. Pandora Jewelry became very popular at the beginning of this year. Pandora sells many types of jewelry such as necklaces and rings but their most popular is a plain silver bangles that you can customize with your own personal charms.

3. The insurance company State Farm was a big hit this year. It created several humorous commercials that were memorable to Americans and "Jake from State Farm" became a household name.

Top Prouducts of 2015

1. Fitbit

2. Glow: Smart Headphones

Worst Products of 2015

1. Hover Board

2. LG G3 S

Top Movies of 2015

1. Avengers: Age of Ultron was a movie that was very well marketed this year. The movie had an exclusive merchandise deal with Target. Target had over 150 'Avengers' products in it's line. The movie also was marketed in various social media apps including Vine, Twitter, and Instagram.

2. Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 was also a big hit this year. This movie was the final movie of The Hunger Games series so it was highly anticipated to be great. It has 3 previous movies before so this final movie had brought in a huge following.

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Top Artists of 2015

1. Taylor Swift - Even though she didn't sell an album this year, Taylor Swift had multiple hits in 2015. One of her hits this year was "Bad Blood" and it was marketed very well by having multiple famous celebrities in the music video which brought a lot of attention to her.

2. Fetty Wap - Fetty Wap had a great year in 2015. Being new to the scene made everyone curious about him. He also released hits like "Come my Way" and "Trap Queen" which reached the top of the Billboard charts this year. Having such a unique name and a vibrant personality made everyone attracted to his music.

Top 10 Things that broke the Internet in 2015

  1. The Dress
  2. Caitlyn Jenner comes out as transgender
  3. Cecil the Lion's Death
  4. Drake's "Hotline Bling" video
  5. The Charlie Charlie Challenge

New Year's Resolutions

Personal Improvement - Work out more and keep organized

Family & Friends - Be more patient with my parents

School - Maintain A's and B's for the majority of the quarters