My Summer Plans

By Destiny Blatchley


I am supposed to be going to California by myself to stay with some of my step-dad's cousins. We will probably be swimming and touring around.I was supposed to say for about 2 months but because of Band Camp, I am sure my trip will have to be shortened. That will limit the things we do, but at least I will still get to go.

Band Camp

I will also be doing Band Camp for Northwest. I am the new music librarian for our leadership team so I'll have to be there, more than anyone else, besides the rest of the leadership team. We get to help set up, get things prepared, and help the new students adjust to band, and eventually high school.


I will probably have to babysit for my parents. I usually take the kids to the park, or swimming, or we just stay home and play outside.

Parks and Swimming

I live right across from Stolley Park so I will be taking my siblings there to play and swim, and probably go swimming at Island Oasis too.

Visiting Family

My cousin will be coming to see me right after school gets out. He lives in Iowa and I don't get to see him very often. I'll also be visiting the family In California.

Hanging Out With Friends

I will be spending time with friends. We could do things like go swimming, bowling, skating, or simply just hang out at each others house
Northwest High School Band Camp