Fourth Grade Happenings

Week of February 15th


Comprehension Skill: Drawing Conclusions

Genre Focus: Fairy Tales

We will continue drawing conclusions while we read fairy tales in our reading groups this week! The kiddos have also been practicing this skill as they read independently and try to "get inside the author's mind". When you read with them, ask them to think about character interactions, feelings, and character traits and have them support with clues from their books!


I had so much fun conferencing with the kiddos on Google. In a couple of weeks, I will be doing another round and will let you know of available time slots. :) Our main focus right now is using text to support or answers or opinions. Each week in writing, they write a persuasive, opinion, and informational piece.


We will continue decomposing fractions with diagrams and number models. There will be a QR code on their homework that will link them straight to the instructional videos if needed! They will not be required to complete the packet every night. Most nights, I will assign a particular section for them to do for extra practice at home.

This site gives you access to printable HW pages if forgotten and the tutorial videos.

Social Studies:

We begin our study of the Southeast Region of the United States. The kiddos have added a purple set of flashcards to their rings. They should study a little each night. We will spend three weeks on the SE and will take a quiz over them just before spring break.

States and Capitals Rap:


They continue their study of geology as they learn about rocks, landforms, the Earth's Layers and more!

Book Recommendations

If your child is looking for a new book to read, these are some that I recommend. In the coming weeks, I will feature books recommended by the kids!