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June 15, 2021

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Principal's Message

Dear families and caregivers,

We did it! With the Governor's announcement that all restrictions will be lifted at midnight today, I feel a huge sigh of relief as I am sure many of you do as well. Have a wonderful summer and come visit!

Take great care,


Farewell Musical Note to Families

from Mrs. Reed

It is with mixed emotions that I write this note to the families of Hiawatha. I have had the privilege of being the music teacher in this school for over 30 years - long enough to now have several “second - generation” families! It has been a joy to have a job where I absolutely love what and who I teach. To see children’s faces light up when they experience beautiful music or enjoy making music in any way is one of my greatest rewards. But it is time to move on, and I am looking forward to having more time to be with my husband and family - canoeing, camping, skiing, traveling etc. And of course, I'm looking forward to having more time to enjoy my music - piano, guitar and flute to start with. There are many opportunities on the horizon!

I have seen many changes over the years, but one thing is constant - the children that attend Hiawatha are very, very special. The kindness and helpfulness I see every day is a testament to the support and engagement of our parents - you! Thank you for instilling in your children a love for learning, a desire to be helpful and an appreciation of the arts. I will truly miss them.

This year has been challenging in so many ways, and music classes have looked and sounded very, very different. We have adapted and made the best of it, but the thing that saddens me the most is that we have not been able to sing much at all this year. (And just when we were beginning to get outside and sing this spring, I ended up breaking my ankle!) Thanks to some very kind, musical third graders - my “Musical Assistants!”, the younger grades have been able to enjoy several wonderful singing games that I otherwise would not have been able to teach them. Thank you, third graders!

I know many children love to sing, and I’m sorry they have missed out on the singing we used to do. In light of that, I want to encourage you to sing with them - at home, in the car, on an outing- whenever you can. And in keeping with that, as the fall approaches, please consider looking into the Greater Burlington Children’s Chorus ( for your child. It is a newly formed chorus and I will be working with the younger students. I would be SO happy to see former students there.

Let us always keep a song in our hearts and help our children do the same. Music is powerful, calming, beautiful and inspiring. As Plato said, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

Grateful to have taught your children,

Karen Reed

Mrs. Hultgren's class farm!

Mrs' Hultgren's 2nd grade class have been learning about the life cycle of a chick. The class received the eggs, incubator and other materials back in May and have spent the last three weeks tending to them. Each day the children recorded the temperature of the incubator and humidity in order. After the first week they candled the eggs, which is the process of using a bright light to identify whether the chick is developing inside the egg. Students then continued to monitor the temperature and humidity until one morning ...CRACK! It took several hours for the first chick to hatch, but it all took place during school hours. The children were very excited to watch the whole process. After a couple more days, there were two new additions to the class: Charlene and Joe. The children had the names picked out long before hatching. It was such a fun experience. Special thanks to Hugh Gibson, former Essex Tech Center teacher for getting the project started and supplying the materials.

Mr. Evans goodbye song to our 3rd grade friends...

Here is an encore performance of Mr. Evans goodbye song to our 3rd grade friends.

Click the link below

3rd grade song

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