Duel-Use Crops - By Lance, Carson, and Chloe

Why is this a biofuel? How does it work?

its a bio fuel because Residue products from food agriculture, such as straw, could be used for making bio ethanol. it works because waste parts are used for fuel (POOP) , food crop, and even plants could become effectively dual-use, producing both food and fuel.


There is a large number of suppliers for dual-use crops. Potential source for fuel production which does not threaten food. More land will not be needed in addition to what farmers already have. Can be produced without harming the environment or local populations. Can be produced with high qualities and in large quantities.


It can be up to ten years before duel-use crops are on the market. Some people think that bio fuels should have only a certain amount of straw. Some suggest that a maximum of only 40% of straw should be used in bio ethanol production or other industrial purposes. This isn't a cheap way at all according to some farmers.