The Hunting Ground

Exposing universities covering up sexual assault

Colleges protect the assailants because the reputation of the institution is more important than protecting the students.

Purpose of exposing the universities

Colleges such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, University of North Carolina, Swathmore, Occidental, Notre Dame, St. Mary's, and many others across the United States do anything to protect their reputation, even if that means their students get away with crimes such like sexual assault. Student athletes and fraternity members are protected to keep the universities financial standing and social reputation. The colleges are made to seem safe and welcoming, whilst many crimes are committed and remain unaddressed. Students who have gone through the trauma of the assault as well as the more disturbing aftermath share their experience. After trying to receive help from their universities, they take it upon themselves to expose the assailants and administrators for the crime.
  • Administrators know of rape cases. Instead of addressing and punishing the assailant, they accuse the victim of their behavior and say it was their fault. The colleges reputation is more important than protecting the students.
  • Advised NOT to go to the police, who do not prosecute the case properly even if they did bring it to their attention.
  • Consequences of sexual assault may include: $25 fine, $75 fine, Poster demonstrating 10 different ways to approach a girl you like, expulsion upon graduation, one day suspension, summer suspension and more.
  • Administrators who are activists are punished and singled out. Many find it harder to find a job elsewhere and to advance in their current positions.
  • Multiple rape survivors speak out of their experience and how the harassment and aftermath of the assault is often times worse than the rape itself.
'The Hunting Ground' clip: Jameis Winston Accuser Speaks In Public

Directors effects

  • Statistics- Demonstrating the epidemic present. 4% of colleges are made up of student athletes, who commit 19% of the sexual assaults.
  • Music- Sets mood of the seriousness and intense nature present to the victims.
  • Interviews- Personal accounts, psychological evaluation of situation, parents and friends of the victims accounting for how they affected increase the reality.
The film affected me personally by realizing the huge epidemic of sexual assaults that are present in colleges and most likely elsewhere. I have always believed that rape strongly effects everyone involved and that like any other crime, it is a trauma the victim must work endlessly to overcome. This film shows all aspects and perspectives of college rape and should definitely be covered and publicized more to help reduce the crime rate and their cover ups.