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Masterman School Library Newsletter

Where In the World?

Seventh grade studies World Geography; sixth grade, the Western Hemisphere. To support these units and any study of geography, our school subscribes to the ProQuest database, Culturegrams that offers a virtual atlas of the world, the United States, and the Canadian provinces. You can access the database through Destiny Catalog Home link (, selecting ProQuest under the heading Databases and logging on with the username 03-42691 and password, bigchalk or directly through the address, Select the type of atlas you want and drill down or search for the country, state, or province you want to research. In addition to information about the country’s economics, politics, customs, foods, history, and statistics, you can create tables and graphs and copy political, physical, and outline maps. Citation help is available. You can view photos and slideshows of the area or listen to interviews from natives or the country’s national anthem. There’s even a link for teacher lessons using Culturegrams. Since we have a number of students from Albania, I was reading about that country on Culturegrams. One Albanian custom is to wait until all the guests leave a celebratory gathering to open presents. Perusing Culturegrams is a gift you can give yourself every day, available wherever you have internet access.

Books for Parents

The library Reference Room houses a goldmine of professional books that parents may borrow. You can search for a topic on our web-based Destiny Catalog or get a list of titles by selecting the Professional Collection link on the Masterman School Library webpage on Edline. Subjects covered include attention deficit, adolescence, autism, sibling rivalry, pressured children, self-esteem, anger issues, eating disorders, and many more.

Parents can send in a request by emailing Mrs. Kearney at or stop by the library to browse the collection. Circulation is for two weeks. You can open up your own account or check out under your child’s account.