Christmas Canned Food Drive 2014

Communities Supporting Communities: December 8-12

QUICK EXCITING of 12/12/14

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our students, faculty and staff for their VERY GENEROUS giving toward our Canned Food Drive (to support our community and BAMA's mission toward serving others in need).

Benson Elementary School has collected....are you ready?!?...drum roll please.....


You heard it right....5061items of food for our community!!!!

We are so very proud of and thankful for our students and their families for their GENEROUS GIVING this week!

Thank you...thank you...thank you!!!

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Spread the Cheer This Time of Year!

Each year, Benson Elementary School and local Community collaborators offer caring support for our families in need in many ways throughout the school year and especially during the Holidays. One way Benson Elementary School makes a positive impact toward families in need is through our annual Canned Food Drive. Our school's canned food contributions are then shared with one of our Community's generous benefactors, Christ's Community Christmas Closet (through BAMA: Benson Area Ministries Association), who then share food, gifts, clothing with our Benson Elementary families in need.

Canned Food Drive Schedule of Events!

Monday, December 8: The class who donates the most canned food/non-perishable food today, is treated to a HOT CHOCOLATE PARTY!!!

Tuesday, December 9: Bring in a can of food/non-perishable and DRESS IN CAMOUFLAGE because we are FIGHTING hunger!

Wednesday, December 10: The Grade level who contributes the most canned food/non-perishable items today will receive a coupon for PIZZA--EACH STUDENT IN THAT GRADE LEVEL RECEIVES A COUPON!

Thursday, December 11: Hats Off to Hunger Relief--bring in a canned good/non-perishable and WEAR a HAT today!

Friday, December 12: Faculty and Staff VS Students--can our Faculty and Staff beat the number of canned goods/non-perishables brought in by our Students today?!?

We are thankful for YOU and your contributions and welcome canned food and non-perishable items such as:

Canned veggies and fruits, canned meats and stews, fruit cups, pasta, ramen noodles, canned spaghetti sauce, rice, mac-and-cheese, etc. Any canned and non-perishable food items are greatly appreciated.

Canned Food Collections...

Please send in your canned and non-perishable food items to Benson Elementary during the week of December 8-12. Please remind your child to place their contribution in her/his decorated classroom box located at the front hall. There will be adults and Student Ambassadors available to help make sure your child places their contributions in the correct classroom collection box.

Any questions?

Please feel free to call Benson Elementary School (919-894-4233) if you have any questions. THANK YOU for your support as we help meet the needs of our families!