Dr. Percy Laven Julian

Aidan Killian

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Childhood: hard and rough

When Percy declared that he wanted to be a chemist, his dad and teacher both knew that he would never get his PhD, because of his skin color, as Percy would later note; "I had every qualification except skin color," which was true, of course. The best job he could really get, thought his dad and teacher, was a chemistry class in an all-black school. So, to 'cushion the fall' they discouraged him, so that the disappointment wouldn't be too horrible.
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Dr. Percy Julian: defying racism

Julian was constantly facing racist neighbors, insults, and even dangerous threats.

The neighbors were racists. They had an all-white neighborhood until Percy moved in. It went out of control from there. From threats of harm if they didn't move out, to bombs thrown in their yard. This bomb was very close to the children, but did not harm them. It was set off while Percy was away. The neighbors threatened to continue this, unless they moved out. Percy replied, "This is an issue which is fundamental to this nation's future. I'm ready to give up my science and my life to bring a halt to this senseless terrorism," as well as; "This is our house, and we're going to stay." He definitely helped defeat racism, and he would have been glad to see how little racism is now, but still annoyed at the fact that some people still are racist at this day and age.