Sunday, January 19th 2014


The Scoop

  • Who is out this Sunday? Also, can you update the Google Doc with your January availability. Click HERE This would be really helpful for Wendy while Lindsey is out the next two weeks.
  • Prayer in room 214 at 3:45
  • January 24 & 25 - Join a community group click HERE for more information
  • ASK IT - Stay tuned for another great message as the series continues this week.
  • January 26- Waumba Land orientation at 9:00am and 5:45pm- we need your fabulous friends and family to serve as Small Group Leaders at 11:00am!
  • February 2 -Super Bowl Sunday NO child care and 6:30pm services, YES family dinner will still be served

Hey everyone!

Glad everyone survived last week! Both crawler rooms were completely full! I'm so happy that we were able to care for all the little ones while their parents got to enjoy last week's message. I know I really enjoyed the 6:30 service.

Lindsey is in East Asia this week caring for orphans. Let's all keep her in our prayers! I'm trying to keep up with her awesome newsletter while she is gone :)

I see that Sharon is out this week. Anyone else??? Please let me know so that I can pass on the message to Wendy.

Kris & I are thinking of having another get together at our house in a few weeks. We will let everyone know the details as it gets closer.

Here's to hoping next Sunday goes as smoothly as last one!!!!


Pray Together

Lindsey requested prayers for safe travels, health for her team, for her family surviving with out her, for the orphanage workers to have restful vacations, and last but not least miracles for the babies she will be working with.

Kris & I could use some this week as well. Kris' counterpart at work put in his resignation yesterday. Prayers for Kris' stress level and work level during this transition, whether it is hiring another partner or reorganization within the company are appreciated.

Anyone else need prayers?