Robotics Semiconductor Engineer

8th period

My Future

I would have a job in robotics semiconductor, because they make plenty of money and is a good position in robotics, and semiconductors will develop new technologies to improve quality. They will try to advance the materials of the robot. I would imagine living in a house a medium size house with a small family. I would imagine having 4 years of school and getting my Bachelor’s Degree so I can get in this job. I would make an average salary of 100K per year so I can provide for my family and myself. I would live in London, England because I have always wanted to live there and I would think it would be a beautiful place to live. I would like a small family because I would like the family name to live on. I would like to work at Touch Bionic and help bring prognostics into today's modern world and look forward to the future.

My Personal Toys