Ms. West's June Newsletter

Please read carefully. This has a lot of important info!

Happy [almost] Summer!

Wow! This years sure has flown. I am trying to soak up every last bit of time with your children. They have been amazing this year and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them all! As we are closing our the year, there are some very important things coming up. Please read below to find out more details about each event coming up.

Tomorrow (Thursday) - Math EOG

Friday - Laptop Collection/Field Day

Monday - Raleigh Field Trip

Tuesday - DARE Graduation/5th Grade Awards

Wednesday - Early Release at 11am

Thanks to all of you for sharing your children with me each and every day. I appreciate all the kleenex, glue, wipes, and general support you have showed me all year. Have a wonderful summer!

Friday - Laptop Collection/Field Day

Laptop Collection - Students will need to bring in bookbags with laptop and both pieces of their charger on Friday. We will begin to get things ready for laptop deployment on Thursday (tomorrow). Students NEED to bring in their chargers TOMORROW. I will begin to put stickers on them. We go to laptop collection first thing at 8:45am. There will not be enough time for us to do it Friday morning.

Field Day - We will be having field day from 9 - 10:30am on Friday morning. Students need to wear active, but school appropriate clothes. Students MUST have on tennis shoes in order to participate. NO flip flops or sandals. Students will also need to bring a water bottle to carry around for field day. I will supply an extra water bottle just in case your child needs it.

Monday - Raleigh Field Trip

We will depart from EMIS at 7:30am. Your child NEEDS to AT SCHOOL by 7am; therefore, you CANNOT rely on the bus to get your child to school Monday morning. Students will also need to come having ate some type of breakfast that morning. On the bus, students will be allowed to have two snacks. One snack will be for the bus ride up there and the other snack will be for the bus ride coming back. These are optional, but highly encouraged because the kids will be hungry!

While in Raleigh, we will be visiting the Legislative Building, the History Museum, and the Science Museum. We will eat lunch at 11:45pm. We will depart from Raleigh at 3:15pm. Please be at EMIS at 5:45pm to pick your child up. We are set to arrive back between 5:45pm - 6:00pm.

Tuesday - DARE Graduation/Awards

DARE Graduation and the 5th Grade Awards will take place on Tuesday, June 7th in the Gym. DARE Graduation will be first starting at 12:15pm. Awards will immediately follow. I encourage all parents to come and support. Your children have worked so hard on these DARE essays!

Prior to the graduation ceremony, the students will be having a pizza party in the classroom. Thank you to all the volunteers who signed up to bring something in for the class! I truly appreciate it!