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Coaching Teachers into the 21st Century

What is this poster about?

There are vast differences between the 20th and 21st Century teacher. It’s unfortunate that there are teachers who still teach as though we are in the 20th century. This poster will highlight differences and similarities of the 20th Century teacher vs the 21st Century teacher as well as offer ideas and references for coaching these teachers into the 21st Century.

21st Century Teacher Attributes

It is crucial for today's teacher to be able to communicate effectively, openly collaborate, and pursue professional development. We cannot expect our students to embrace the 4 C's associated with the 21st Century Classroom, (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity) unless we as teachers are exhibiting these characteristics.


Today's teacher needs to have clear and open communication with parents, administration, and students. In the 20th Century teachers would communication with these stakeholders by sending home a note. Today's teacher can use tools like Remind, Volunteer Spot, or Classroom Websites to communicate.

If one of Today's Teachers needed support and guidance to better communicate with those around him/her I would first determine the best tool that would meet their needs. After that, I would connect him/her with another professional who is using the tool to show him/her the potential of the tool. Once they've seen the tool in actual use I would provide the necessary training and support them with setting up and using the tool in their classroom.

Building relationships between parents and teachers: Megan Olivia Hall at TEDxBurnsvilleED

Communication Tools


In the 20th Century, collaboration was very limited and teachers did not seek the help or opinion of other teachers. Today's teacher often closely with his/her team. He/she will even reach out and use tools like Social media to collaborate globally.

Collaboration is not only productive and can potentially save time, it also allows teachers to design optimal learning experiences for their students. If a teacher needed help collaborating with others, as a coach I would first establish a relationship with them and seek to understand why collaboration wasn't happening. Once the relationship is established I would then introduce tools like Google Drive, Trello, or Google Plus. Depending on the tool I would help this person by providing them the necessary professional development to understand how to use the tool, but I would also provide ongoing support as to how to implement the tool in their professional practice.

Providing the initial professional development as well as the follow-up coaching/support will be very beneficial for this person and give them the necessary skills to successfully collaborate with others.

Education- Collaboration

Collaboration Tools

Professional Development

In today's educational setting there are new technologies and instructional strategies being introduced constantly. In the 20th Century, teachers were limited and did not receive a variety of training. When it comes to professional development today, with platforms like Twitter, Cousera, and, the boundaries are limitless. It's important that teachers are willing to seek professional development to aid in their progression. Students take notice of teachers who are eager and willing to learn new things. When their teacher demonstrates this quality, students will often follow suit.

Most teachers are excited at the thought of learning something new. They are especially more likely to do it if they have the resources. As a coach in this scenario, I would converse with the teacher and find out what they would like to learn more about. After that, I would help them narrow down a possible source to receive this professional development. Before the professional development, I would encourage them to reflect on what they would like to get out of it. Following the training, I would ask the teacher how their experience went and encourage them to share their knowledge with others.

Social Media: Making Connections Through Twitter

Professional Development Resources

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