VUS.7d part 1

by: Caroline Pedante

Essential Knowledge

  • Succession was illegal
  • Lincoln believed that Reconstruction was a matter of quickly restoring the legitimate southern states, the ones that were loyal to the union.
  • "with malice towards none, with charity for all... to bind up the nation's wounds..." this was said by Lincoln because he didn't want to punish the south to drastically because he wanted reunification.
  • The states that seceded were not allowed back into the Union immediately but were put under military occupation.
  • The reconstruction period ended close to the presidential election of 1876
  • The Republicans finally agreed to end the military occupation of the South. (Compromise of 1877)

New Adopted Amendments

13th Amendment: Slavery was abolished permanently in the United States.

14th Amendment: States were prohibited from denying equal rights under

the law to any American.

15th Amendment: Voting rights were guaranteed regardless of “race,

color, or previous condition of servitude” (former slaves).

Essential Understanding

The war and Reconstruction resulted in Southern Resentment toward the North and Southern African Americans, and ultimately political economic and social control of the south returned to the whites. The Economic and Political gain of the former slaves proved to be temporary.