Amino Acid Complex

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How Amino Acid Complex Supports Performance and More

Keeping the body healthy is like a full time job, and it can be hard to find the time to keep it up. You can optimize your health by strengthening your base protection against problems. You can use supplements to achieve the optimal levels of omega-3s and ALA.

Benefits of Omega-3s

All the Omega-3s offer some benefits, and come from a different source. You can find DHA in microalgae and other marine life, EPA in fish and similar sources, and ALA from flaxseed and similar plants. RxOmega-3 Factors is a great resource for the two most common omega-3 fatty acids. With these omega supplements, you can boost your intake at any time of the season. It’s ideal to get your DHA and EPA from natural sources, such as real fish; however that simply isn’t always possible. With supplements, you can reduce your blood pressure, increase the state of your arteries, reduce plaque and triglycerides, and reduce risk of heart attack.

Important Body Benefits

Alpha lipoic acid is a natural compound that works to ensure cells are capable of functioning. It can help the cells produce energy, and perform many other important tasks. While you are healthy, your body produces ALA on its own without a problem. However, if you aren’t, it can help treat people with HIV or diabetes, and even promote weight loss. The antioxidant has been found to promote health in those with type 2 diabetes by improving insulin use and reducing blood sugar levels. It may reduce nerve damage-related symptoms. Patients in Europe have been using ALA to ease diabetic neuropathy symptoms like burning, numbness, pain and tingling.

You can purchase a supply of alpha lipoic acid from the vitamin shop, It is important to consume the omega-6 fatty acids as well, which many believe are less viable when used with ALA. You see, omega-6s boost the amount of arachidonic acid produced by the body. It can cause the omega-6 metabolites to produce pro-inflammatory and -thrombotic responses. It is important to keep these levels in check to maintain the delicate balance.