Kristeena's Mission Statement


Ready for College

Once I graduate the Caldwell Early College program with my Associates Degree in Science I want to attend either East Carolina University, or UNC Greensboro. I really want to be at a campus where everyone is friendly, and most importantly to be somewhere where I can feel "at home" and be comfortable. By attending a 4 year University I want to graduate with my Bachelor's in teaching younger children under 5th grade.

Ready for Career

After graduating with my Bachelor's degree in Education I would like to move back here to Lenoir, and teach children under 5th grade, but preferably Pre-school children. Once I get my experience in the Teaching field I would love to open up my own Pre-school here around the lenoir area.

Ready for Life

Later on in my life I hope to have a husband and children. I want to also be very successful up until retirement so I can have a lot of money and be well off when I can't work anymore. I hope that I can also grow old with my family and watch them be successful too.


I believe that if I set my mind to something I can achieve anything, and do anything that I want to do with my life. My short-term goal is to pass all of my classes this year with A's or B's (including my college classes). My long term goal is to go to East Carolina University, graduate with my Bachelor's degree, and become successful one day with a family. My personal attributes are that I'm very outgoing, social, helpful, and I get a long with others very well. I think these attributes will help me later on in life in my teaching career.