The Constitution

By: Jes Spruill

The Preamble

"We the people" were the first words that started the laws that are still in effect today. In May of 1787 James Madison and his fellow delegates gathered to write laws now that the British have lost the war. But something lags, how can he do this without causing tyranny? Read on to find out.

Checks & Balances

It all starts in the Legislative Branch. They write the bill and send it to the Judicial branch. Then they have a long debate and if they all say yes, they take it to the Executive branch. Then the president reads it over and over and over and over and he can either... send a veto saying NO!!!!!! or approve it saying yes! Then it becomes a law.

James Madison

James Madison was the man who ran this whole show! Thank you Mr. Madison!!!!!

State & Central Governments

The power of the people was decided to be split into two groups, the state and central government. the central government was told to decide to regulate trade, provide military, declare war, and multiple other things. While the state government was only in control of the education, laws, local governments, and elections. Finally the shared power are tax, borrowing money, setting up courts, and making laws.

Legislative Branch Rules

So as I said earlier, the Legislative Branch consists from each state two senates and a couple of people who go to the House of Representatives. But do you ever wonder how they decide how many people from each state need to go into house? From Document D,

"Representatives shall be appointed according to population. The number of representatives shall not exceed one for every 30,000, but each state shall have at least 1 representative." So that's how they decided!