Conrady Parent Update

May 24, 2021

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Yearbook Pickup for REMOTE STUDENTS ONLY is Wednesday, May 26, 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm at Conrady's Door One Entrance.

(In person students will receive their yearbooks during the school day.)

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Write your graduate a message

Click here to write a short message of congratulations that will be shown with your graduate's picture on the graduation live stream event website.


All graduating students can pick up their cap & gown this week, provided they have all fees paid and all books returned to the media center. The cost is $20 with Cash or a money order made out to Oak Hall

Cap & Gown Pick Up Schedule:

  • In Person - during PE class on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • Remote - during the day on Friday

8th Grade Graduation Dance

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Conrady Bands - May 2021
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Virtual Band Concert

Conrady band students recently performed their Spring (socially-distanced/no audience/virtual) Concert. The students were very excited to play in their large groups again, and each band did a GREAT job with their pieces. Special recognition goes out to the 8th graders on their final performance as Conrady students! The students would like to thank the school & district administration for their support to allow this to happen.
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Virtual STEAM Night 2021

Students from Pre-K to Grade 8 participated in the District 117 Virtual STEAM Night on May 20. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math topics were all covered at various grade levels. Students, teachers and parents all enjoyed the lively event.

Click here to find instructions and pre-recorded materials available to try the activities at home.

Parent Connections Program Newsletter for the week of May 24

Click here to read the EL Parent Connections Program Newsletter for the week of May 24, 2021

Positivity Project

The Student Council completed a positivity project in May! Students drew positive messages and pictures in chalk to help students and staff make it through the rest of the school year!
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Send students to school with the right mask

Students who come to school with masks that are not recommended by the CDC will be sent to the office to get a replacement. Masks with vents or valves with them are not recommended. Please refer to the lists below for recommendation and not recommended masks.

Please refer to this "Mask Check-in" article for more information.

Required forms for Stagg Freshman Class of 2025

Plesae read this message from Mary Ruiz, the school nurse at Conrady.

Entering freshman must complete the Mandatory Health Requirements Checklist. Please click here to view and follow each of the reuired items and not the deadlines.
Please read this important letter with your eighth grader so they understand their responsibilities as a Conrady student preparing to graduate.
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UPDATE: Curbside Meal Pickup: Door #8!!!

Please be advised that the pick up door for Curbside pickup has changed. Still Monday and Wednesday from 2:30pm - 3:30pm at Conrady - Door #8 As of May 24th.

General Community Communication 2021 Updated for Semester 2

Parents: Please use the General Community Communication as a references for activities, events, and information about Conrady Junior High. The communication contains recently updated information for Semester 2.

UPDATED TIMES for Conrady Schedules!

Please refer to the Conrady Junior High schedule below for Semester 2. All students should be in their seats and ready at the times posted for Attendance and Announcements, whether online or in the classroom.

Click here to view a sample student schedule that you can print and fill in for your child.
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Calendar At A Glance

  • Monday, May 24
    Black Day
  • Tuesday, May 25
    Gold Day
    In Person students pick up cap & gown during P.E. ($20)
  • Wednesday, May 26
    Black Day
    In Person students pick up cap & gown during P.E. ($20)
  • Thursday, May 27
    Gold Day
    In Person students pick up cap & gown during P.E. ($20)
  • Friday, May 28
    Black Day
    Remote Students pick up cap & gown ($20)
  • Monday, May 31
    Memorial Day
    No School
  • Tuesday, June 1
    Gold Day
  • Wednesday, June 2
    Black Day
  • Thursday, June 3
    Gold Day
    8th Grade Dance
  • Friday, June 4
    Team Day
    Last Day of School
    8th Grade Graduation

H. H. Conrady Junior High School

Ms. Adrienne Pavek, Principal

Mrs. Dorita McCabe, Assistant Principal

Mr. Jed Ramsey, Dean of Students