Kristen Stewart

By: Sathena Thao

Kristen Stewart

What is she well known?

Kristen Stewart is very well known for acting in movies such as Panic Room, Catch That Kid, and Twilight.

Three important facts

  1. Kristen began her career on stage in school performing at a Christmas play when she was discovered by a director.
  2. Kristen stared in 18 films before she turned 18.
  3. Kristen's family was in showbiz and they gave her advice and supported her on being a better actor.

The Five Interesting Facts

Kristin's family was all in showbiz.
Kristen performed In many movies but she had hard times
Kristin Stewart is skilled,smart, and sharp.
Kristin was nominated for Young Artist Award.
Kristen grew up in Los Angeles.

The Life Lesson

Kristin saids "I've gotten comfortable with being unafraid."Which means that she has over come her fear and never let's anything get in her way.
Kristen Stewart Bell of the Ball written by Jo Hurley.