argumentive writting final draft


My question to all public schools is,why do they only provide milk to drink. My opinion is for all public schools to basically have categories of drinks to drink because not all kids/students wants only milk. Some parents only allow their children to drink milk because they know that its the the only thing to drink. When they do have other drinks to drink it would be something like water that comes from a water fountain,and your not really getting anything but a little sip.When their is something other than milk and water you will have to pay for it and some parents dont have the money,or get tired of having to give them money,or doesnt have the time to continue buying their on from the store.


Milk can still be a good choice to drink but if it is going to forever be the only choice for kids/students to drink I highly suggest that they should make bigger cartons,esspecally for the older students who could probley drink that small amount of milk in that little carton in abut five minutes.It is not only the students that may complain about the size but also the teachers because not all teachers bring their lunch and when they get school lunch they get everything besides the milk and bring their on drink and that is simply because they don't want to drink,and for he teachers that do bring their lunch they all also complain about the size of the milk cartons and they don't even have to drink it.


So whatever happens I just hope that some day in the future that public schools will think about some better and different drinking choices or at least think of a way to make the size of the milk carton bigger.