Carolina Pearls March Newsletter

Spring has sprung!!!!

The Life of a Director

I am so excited for Spring to be here and all the new trunk shows that are scheduled in the month of March. I am thrilled with our new incentives for free jewelry offered by home office. (Please see the Buzz) Some of you have wanted to know how I make my numbers and think that booking trunk shows and sponsoring is easy for me. I am here to tell you that I go thru all the ups and downs just like everyone else. There are days that I have to put on my big girl pants and do things that are not comfortable for me.

I would like to share my February. I had 4 trunk shows booked the middle of January and I was looking forward to a strong February. The last week of January, every show cancelled and only one rescheduled for March. ( I need to mention she has cancelled her March rescheduled date and gave me only one other to pick from and said if I could not do it then, that would be my only chance.) That is what is great about owning your own business, I have passed doing a trunk show with her.

Zero trunk shows...I was calling and calling. I found an event to participate in the last week of February. At the event I sold nothing, however booked a show for April. Yeah!!!!!

I had a past customer call me giving me a referral for a trunk show in March and asked me to split my commission with her. ( I told her I was not in a position to do that, I would be happy to give her a jewelry credit. I can say that one really made my blood boil.:)

I worked with a potential stylists for over a week talking about the pros of this business. She signed up on my website, the next day she changed her mind and cancelled her account.

So you think you have it bad sometimes!? I made my sales numbers by getting on the phone calling past customers, giving incentives, letting people know about some of the new pieces and how they would compliment their existing pieces. It was not easy, but I made it! If you are determined enough you can do this whether you are a hobbyist stylist or Director. I heard someone say they hate rejection, we all hate it but I would rather try and fail than to never try. The older you get rejection does not bite as much, the reason why is that you feel a lot more comfortable in your skin and you know who you are and what you are offering is AWESOME! I am only sharing this with you because I have had a lot of success with Stella & Dot and have shared many great stories and experiences with you all over the years, (like the single sale I had that was $1600 dollars)these things can happen and you just realize tomorrow is a different day and keep a positive attitude.

Let's rock March!!!! I cannot wait to see who is earning "Sassy Saturday"!!!

The Fabulous "22" in sales for the Pearls!

Here are the stylists that earned their 5% bonus!!!

1. **** Laura Reynolds $7,201.17**** Star Stylist
Congratulations to Laura that always rocks it!!!!

2. Kelli Stanley $3,614.76
3. Mary Jane Postiglione $2,716.50 Lead Stylist
4. Amy Snook $2,399.30
5. Dana Sellers $2,309.04 Director

Here are the stylist that got qualified and earned business supply credits!

6. Amy Zimmer $1,539.90 Lead Stylist
7. Cindy Epps $1,502.40 Lead Stylist
8. Chrissy Colburn $1,210.00 Senior Stylist
9. Heather Stepp $1,151.92
10. Lauren Walters $1,049.00
11. Lauren Whitfield $1,019.00
12. Katie Adams $975.00
13. Mandy Owens $929.00
14. Kimberly Cochran $767.00
15. Shelley Hall $748.00
16. Heather Dilberto $685.00
17. Heather Myers $643.50 Lead Stylist
18. Katie Hinely $579.00
19. Bridget Rutledge $553.00
20. Kaley Wilson $527.00
21, Lindsay Oehemen $520.76 Star Stylist
22, Lauren Skelton $508.60

Top in Sponsoring for the Pearls!

Cindy Epps- 1 new stylist

Our newest Carolina Pearl!

Kristan Whitman

"Sassy Saturday"

Details were e-mailed out this morning and will be on our FB page! I know all of you can earn it and it will be such a day of celebrating YOU!