Conocimiento para la familia (knowledge for the family)

Pensamientos (Thoughts)

Hola! Families,

I know you have a lot on your plates right now with tons of information coming your way. I had to create a special newsletter for my Puentistas though. There are things we share that only pertain to you as Puente students and families. You may notice that I am weaving a bit of Spanish throughout this newsletter. Being that I am Mexican and have lost a lot of my Spanish speaking abilities, I want to relearn it. I figure what better way than with my Puente familia.I also hope to share cultural experiences and stories with you in the future.

Additionally, I want to remind you that we have an entire team to support our Puentistas, Ms. Smith and Ms. Richardson our Puente teachers, myself the counselor, Mr. Mayen our assistant principal and Ms. Cano our clerk. We all work together to support your/our children.

Keep in mind, that parents and students will need to check my other newsletter the "Sanchez Spirit" (click here) for important information that all students on my caseload need.

Love & Respect,

Mr. Sanchez

Moving Forward

Puente's main elements are the teachings in writing and literature, counseling towards academic and personal success, and leadership in our school and community. Leadership is an important factor for our children. It helps them develop many personal skills that will serve them in their futures. Our goal is to get as many students and parents involved as possible to help support and create opportunities for our Puentistas. Last year our Puente club, while still growing and developing, made some great advancements. We want to make sure we continue to foster that development by getting our new executive leaders (President, VP, Secretary, etc...) in place and finding others who are interested in helping our community grow and thrive. It will look different this year due to the virtual component, but I firmly believe that there are a lot of great ideas and creativity in our family that can contribute to our program. More to come as we do some outreach and contact those who have already expressed interest.

Students joined Puente for many things such as the cultural, social, leadership and the academic teachings we cultivate. Academics is what I want to focus on here. Puente is a highly recognized and revered program in the educational community. It is based out of UC Berkeley, one of the most respected universities in the world. That holds a lot of weight when our students apply to college. Our goal is to prepare Puentistas for their college and adult journey through the elements I mentioned above and making sure they have the guidance to make informed choices and perform well in high school. Expectations are high for our Puentistas, but not at the cost of their well-being. There is a way to stay balanced and still be well prepared for college and adult life. We will challenge our students and nudge them to take risks for personal growth knowing that each student has their own challenges, skills and personal circumstances. The best way for that to happen is for all of us to be consistent and supportive, so our Puentistas feel safe taking those risks and becoming who they want to be. There will be victories, failures and obstacles along the way for our children and all of us, but not without support, kindness and compassion everyone needs to grow and move forward.

Puente Remind Accounts

As an added service to my Puente students and parents, I also have Remind accounts. I use these for things like texting important deadlines, asking quick questions, announcements, sharing opportunities that I come across, tracking students down quickly, etc... Its also a quick way for students to get a hold of me in a pinch during school hours. Please see the slide below to join.
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The Puente Project Website

To get a more indepth look at the Puente organization

Regular Contact Information

I will be working remotely until students return to school physically. Email will be my main contact mode. I can place calls to parents and students, but at the moment will have no voice mail or be taking calls. If you would like a call back please book an appointment or send an email. You can also call the school at 951-738-2100 and ask to speak to the receptionist that works with me. Her name is Yessica Cano. She can forward a message to me via email. All of my contact options are below.