Marriage, Family, and Jealousy


Hera is not one of the twelve major gods and goddesses; however, she is commonly paired with Zeus. She tends to be very jealous, especially of Zeus's affairs. She is the goddess of marriage and is also sometimes noted as as the goddess of virginity, childbirth, and family.

Hera's Symbols

Hera's symbol is the pomegranate, which is commonly used as a symbol of marriage. Her sacred animal is the cow and peacock.The diadem and the crow are her lesser known symbols.

A Happy Marriage?

Hera and Zeus were daughter and son of Cronus and Rhea; therefore, they were siblings. Not only that, but Zeus begged his older sister for her hand in marriage. After constantly rejecting him, Zeus turned himself into an abused-looking Cuckoo bird. Feeling bad, Hera put the bird close to her breast. Zeus returned to his true form and raped her. Shamed, Hera agreed to marry him.

Hera's Revenge

Because of Hera's jealousy, she commonly took revenge on anyone who even looked at Zeus. She took revenge either on the women themselves, or in the case of an affair, on the children.

The Milky Way

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When Hermes was born, Zeus needed him to be fed. However, since Hermes was a child of an affair, he could not simply be breastfed by Hera. While Hera was sleeping, he snuck the child onto her breast. When Hera awoke, she discoverd an unknown baby on her. She smacked the baby off, and the spurting milk created the Milky Way Galaxy, hence the name, "Milky" Way.

The Foutnain of Virignity

Hera, although she bore three children (Hebe, Ares, and Hephaestus), was always a virgin. This is because Hera bathed in a fountain named Canathus that returned her virginity every month.

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