Law and Justice Standards

Geoff Shumway

Standard 5: Physics in Criminal Investigations

-Gravity is constant on our planet, allowing for accurate crime scene recreation in terms of physics and fluid dynamics

-Substances will behave the same under the same circumstances, allowing for accurate recreation of what may have happened

-Bloodstain patterns can be analysed to determine the direction and velocity at which the blood impacted the surface

-The rapid expansion of gas is what propels bullets

-This also leaves gunpowder residue on the culprit who fired the weapon, allowing for easier identification of suspects

-Newton's law says the for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, which is why bullet holes and splatters are so easy to identify

-if the top of a bullet is flat, it is called a Meplat, otherwise it is called a tip, nose, or point

-Guns can easily be linked to crime scenes with the identifying marks left on the bullet by the firing pin

-Striations can be examined under a microscope and linked to a manufacturer

-There may be finger prints on a recovered bullet, as it was loaded into the gun at some point

-When somebody is shot at point blank range it is obvious because of the "lead ring"

-The distance and trajectory of a fired bullet can be examined like that of blood

-Many impressions can be left on any surface, specifically, tire and shoe marks can be linked to the manufacturer

-Accidents can be reconstructed with an identical firearm

-This allows for a better understanding of position, distance, and angle at which the bullet was fired

-A bullet will not always move in a straight line, having an unstable trajectory

Standard 1.3: Interviewing Skills

-When preparing for an interview it's important to not dress too casually

-The recommended clothing is western business attire

-Remember not to look like you crawled out of a dumpster

-When interviewing somebody, know of their skills and past experience and how it correlates to the position being filled

-Before taking a job, evaluate whether you really want to give up your free life and become a wageslave

-Prepare for the interview beforehand, make sure you are confident and prepared to answer any question]

9 Things to include in your Career Portfolio are:

-Copies of your certifications and achievements

-Visuals of projects you've worked on

-List of accomplishments beyond those detailed in your resume

-Relevant writing samples


-Articles on projects you've worked on

-Non-confidential business documents

-Performance reviews

-Letters of recommendation

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Standard 10: Crime Scene Investigation

-Evidence must be handled carefully

-Civilians and press must be kept out of a crime scene to avoid contamination

-All evidence must be tagged for examination

-Photos should be taken of the crime scene in case of any changes

-Witnesses must give statements before they forget any details

-Testimonies may be unreliable from those with vision or memory problems

-Crime scenes should be secured with police tape

-If multiple similar crimes are committed, they may be linked to one person

-Evidence should be carefully processed to avoid destruction or tampering

Some questions to ask in a field interview are as follows:

-What's your name?

-Where do you live?

-What to you do for work?

-How often are you in this area?

-Did you know a crime was committed in this area?

-If the suspect has a firearm, they should be checked for a permit