Down Syndrome

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Info About Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome is caused by having an extra 21 chromosome causing mental retardation. Some of the symptoms of Down Syndrome are learning difficulties, characteristic facial appearance, poor muscle tone infancy, and low activity of the thyroid gland. Someone with Down Syndrome would experience in their daily life is nothing dramatically different then someone without Down Syndrome. Although they have learning difficulties and it may be harder for them to so some physical activities.

Continued Info

Someone with Down Syndrome has the life expectancy of about 50 years. The mutation causing this condition is called nondisjunction. Nondisjunction happens when a pair of chromosomes fails to seperate during egg(or sperm) formation. There is really no cure for Down Syndrome but there are possible treatments to help such as... Physical/speech therapy or surgery's such as corrective surgery which helps your vision.

Examples of Down Syndrome

Interesting Information

In 90% of trisomy 21 cases, the additional chromosome come from the mothers egg rather than the fathers sperm.
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