Welcome to East Middle School

Cecilia Barron, Melaney Campbell

Block Scheduling/Passing

We have A and B days. Mondays and Wednesdays are A days. Tuesdays and Thursdays are B days. Fridays are A and B days where you go to all classes. Each day you will go to four classes and a Encore class where you read. Friday you go to Encore and eight other classes. We have four minutes between each class to use the restroom and go to your locker.

The house/DOJO

The House is an area where most of your main classes. There about seven classes in each House. The living room is the area where you can do your work and read with permission. Mostly all of the teachers use DOJO. DOJO is a way the teachers use ways to keep points based on behavior.

Eagle Time

In middle school, we don't have recess like they do in elementary. Instead, once a month we have Eagle Time. Eagle Time is where we go into the gym and can talk with friends or play basketball or volleyball.

6th Grade


Canvas is where our grades are displayed and where some of the teachers put our assignments that are on the computer.
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