(NF 1, NF 2, Schwannomatosis, von Recklinghausen's disease)

Around 30 to 50 percent of all people with this disorder develop it from a mutation in their genes before they're even born, which doesn't have to do with their parents, where it is usually inherited, it's a dominant disorder

NF 1 is affected by chromosome 17

NF 2 affected by chromosome 22

and Schwannomatosis is affected by multiple genes

Prenatal Testing

There is testing for type 1 (NF 1), testing available only at certain time windows for type 2 (NF 2) and it's only about 65 percent accurate, and there are not any testing methods for Schwannomatosis yet.


NF 1

~Barely there, lighter brown spots on the skin

~Spots in the armpit or genitalia regions

~Itty Bitty bumps on your eyes, specifically your iris (don't effect your vision)

~Bumps can be under you skin

~Bone deformities such as Scoliosis

~Tumor on your optic nerve

~Impairments in education or learning

~Large head size

~Below average height

NF 2

~Loss of Hearing

~Ringing Ears

~Poor Balance

~Frequent Headaches


~Parts of your body become weaker

~Muscle loss

Affected Population

NF 1 usually effects younger people, sometimes right at birth since the genes get mutated before they're born.

NF 2 effects teens and younger adults, usually until thirties.

Schwannomatosis generally effects older people, people that are past their twenties.

Nearly anyone can get this disorder, if a female in your family is a carrier.

Medical Assistance

~Yearly checks on all problem areas, various eye and physical exams to test and study the muscle development and eye sight

~Neurological exams are a must, you have to see and check for growth on the brain or possibly on the spinal cord

~Have blood pressure checked frequently, and have checks on the spine for possible Scoliosis

~Only suggest special medical care and counselling as needed

~Genetic counselling is an option as a child gets older

~If the person or child is affected, they'll need regular check ups and monitoring

~Go to a doctor immediately if there are newer symptoms that worry you


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