If you want to be cool you will be a rock climber

Mad Rock Climbing Commercial

In the early days...

dates back 200 years

used to be just a part of mountaineering

(climbing higher scale mountains)

did rock climbing to prepare for mountain climbing

(climbing lower scale rocks)

Free climbing was the only way

Rock climbing at a moderate intensity for around one hour will burn around 400 calories!

traditional rock climbing ways

Aid climbing- use equipment while climbing (starters)

Free climbing- don't use any equipment, people use only their own strength to climb (advanced)

development of rock climbing as a sport

now inside rock climbing

more safety gear

now shorter more difficult paths are the trend

If you want to get a real nice body, you'll be a rock climber

Body Benefits

-quickly develop arm, back, finger, and core strength

-(requires extra working out) more successful when strength and endurance are improved in calves, shoulders, and core agility

-helps flexibility in hamstrings and hips

Cardiovascular health

stresses the heart and accessory organ

start with 5 minutes of climbing if you're new or not used to cardiovascular activity. then work your way up!

Increased Muscle Tone

targets muscles in the arms, chest, back, and legs


helps with those rocks just out of your reach


you use your upper body to help climb the rocks

You WILL get sore!

Traditional/Trad Climbing

take rock climbs in routes

no permanent anchors to help when ascending

Indoor climbing

good for beginners

help to learn basic but essential moves


involves hiking or trekking in high altitudes

very difficult

Solo Climbing

freest and most dangerous

no protection or partner

Deep Water Soloing

Just like soloing you are alone

but climb rock over deep water

Rock climbing in Halong Bay, Vietnam - Lonely Planet travel video

Ice Climbing

Out in the cold, climbing ice

Do you wanna live a long time?

Rock climbing helps you to be fit and therefore helps you live longer!

To get started you need to do exercises to help increase your muscle strength

wrist curls

With barbell hang by your fingertips from a pull up bar or cable-crossover beam for duration and use a grip master.


do one-leaped squats

will benefit you for times when one foot is in a hold and you need to press off of it to bring yourself to another hold higher up.

balance balls

helps increase your core strength


helps you to become more flexable

Everyone knows rock climbing looks awesome

So why not try to be a rock climber and become one of the coolest people out there?

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