2015 Year In Review

by: Suha O

3 companies with great marketing!

  • its global and they made a site where you can customize.
  • they have been putting a lot of afford in there menu and even added macaroon in France.
  • targets small communities around the world and is expanding in popularity.

Best products and Worst

worst products

  1. Apple watch
  2. Drones
Best Products
  1. Hover board
  2. Samsung galaxy S6 edge
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Best Movie

  1. The Peanut Movie: was marketed on the cereal boxes and put in news articles because of its legacy.
  2. Minions: they marketed the movie by advertisements and selling the minion toys to kids, plus they are cute.
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Best Artists

  1. Maroon 5: the band has been going around and performing in America (tour). they released an album and it was advertised in YouTube.
  2. Adele: she dropped a hit and because of her deep voice it got a lot of recognition, also her album was advertised on TV and the internet.

Top 5 Things

Top 10 things that broke the internet

  1. The dress
  2. Pizza rat
  3. Adriana Grande licking a doughnuts
  4. Cecil the lion's death
  5. Drakes "hotline bling"

New Years Resolution

  1. Personal improvements: start working out and stopping soda.
  2. Family &friends: stay connected with my old friends and maintain a healthy relationship with the family.
  3. school: Graduate and move on to college