J.K. Rowling

by: Malachi Spencer


Who would have guessed a penniless person could become a billionaire in four years? Well it happens, a lot,but we’re talking about j.k. Rowling. She wrote an immense amount of stories.

Early Life

To begin with she was born July 26,1965. That was exactly 45 years before I was born.Yeah ,I know what you’re thinking LUCKY!!! She was born in Woolsthorpe, England. That’s where Isaac Newton was born! From the past the “J” stands for Joanne, and the “K” stands for Kathleen.She got both of those from her grandma.She almost died of starvation. her grandparents died when she was younger.A little later she was nipped by a squirrel.


Meanwhile J.K. was in school.She started in fifth because her mom lied when she applied. Early on she missed H-4. When she was older, she went to Exeter University. She dropped out, and went back to woolsthorpe Academy.While she was in school she “rebuilt” her life.

From that day forward, J.K. was fond of reading and writing. She wrote six biographies and seven Harry Potter books. She sold them in England,u.s,and Canada.


For her first set of books she got five and six tenths billion dollars. She donated that to charity.

Later Life

Not long after, she married a journalist,John Mockingham,he traveled all around the world. Thee had two kids, Kate and Lucas, They were blondies. Then the terrible thing happened, John struck J.K. twice in the face. In the end there was a divorce. She moved to portugal, England. She lived with her sister there. Almost immediately after, her sister died in a car accident.


Now she lives in a cottage. It is in Portsmouth,England. It cost four billion dollars.


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