Don't Forget This Important News!

Tips and tricks to help improve memory

Study Up! . . .obviously

The most common and most effective way to improve your memory is to study the material that you are trying to learn. When I say study, I don't mean you should cram all of the material at once. That will make your brain freak out and you will be less likely to remember any of what you just looked at. Set some time aside each day and have a thorough study session. If you like to listen to music while you study, then put on some jams! If sitting up isn't that comfortable to you then lay on your bed and study! Just don't fall asleep if you do. If you work better with others, invite some friends to join you and have a study party! Play some review games and enjoy some snacks, but don't get too distracted.

Some cool memory devices to use!

Peg Word System

If you need to remember a list, just pick a word that can help you remember what is on the list.

Drill and Practice

Let that little drill sergeant in your head keep you in line!

Mnemonic Devices

What's better than a good acronym? A good acronym that's helpful!

You Snooze, You Win!

Your brain may be really powerful, but that doesn't mean it can run nonstop. When you go to sleep, it gives your brain a chance to stop and refresh itself. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to think straight. Whenever you let your brain rest, your memory also improves. Sleeping is an easy way to sharpen your memory. You just have to get enough sleep every night!