Knights School Counseling News

Vol 4

November Recap

Another month has flown by! We had a very successful Career Fair! Our vendors were impressed with our students and even more importantly our students were buzzing for the remainder of the day with the information they learned! The scavenger hunt appeared to be an effective way for our students to start conversations with our vendors and learn information they may not have otherwise.

Some of our seniors have already had November deadlines for college submissions and many more are on their way to completing their applications. My hope is we will have most applications completed before Christmas break! A scholarship wall will be put together in January for seniors to see what local and scholarships are available as well as national scholarships. They are encouraged to check the wall regularly for new postings.

Junior meetings continue but there are only a few left! PSAT scores will arrive in December and we will go over as a class what the profile means for each student and areas they should focus on for the SAT's. I strongly encourage Juniors sign up for a Spring SAT, preferably May and if possible a June ACT to see which test is a better fit. Once the test is taken the first time students can study and re-test in September. Almost all of the time the score will increase. It is very important students wait until the spring to test because they will have that much more of their Math and English class completed which will give them a better chance.

Both the Sophomores and the Freshmen had a classroom guidance presentation with me on what their transcript and grade point average (GPA) is and what that means for the work they are doing right now. We discussed how what they are doing now does impact their GPA, colleges do see it, and their classes should not be taken lightly. We also discussed the importance of getting involved in clubs and sports but what can happen when we take on too much and how that affects are overall mental health.

GIRLS lunch groups have begun for middle school students and the girls that have joined seem to be really enjoying themselves. The first marking period has concluded and teachers have shared with me 7th and 8th grade students that could benefit from small group work around organization and motivation. I will individually connect with parents and students that have been identified next week and see what we can work out! And last but certainly not least, the 6th grade Life Skills class will begin their unit on tolerance, bullying and conflict resolution this week.