the past of our revalution

By: Katherine Davis

The hard time of what they went through

the industrial revaluation was hard at times for many people.but war wasn't the only thing that was hard at that time. people who got separated from there family to go to work houses also took it hard, many other jobs or just anything was like that also. people had to leave randomly if they wanted or not it wasn't there choice. they had to go places that weren't always the safes or the best they had to do things so young parents didn't even get a say in it, they just had to. people ad to go through lots of stuff but at points it did get easier. at some point in time they created machines that helped them a lot easier. now some things are a lot easier now then ever they have changed a lot more then back then.

child labor

kids at young ages are working in work houses. they are making them do things that could be dangures. they don't care about letting them see there family they will separate them from there family, and at very young ages these kids get separated from there family they don't go back for the holidays or stop working when they want, they have strike rules they half to follow. they don't get treated nice at all they are treated rudely by the people who make them work in these houses.

the symbol line

the people at the symbol line had to do several jobs they had to put together there work one part at a time. the people had to work until all the work was done. they had to go fast. they had to make it perfect,and if they mest up they threw it away.