My Cultural Background

Nicolette Lowery

Race and Ethnicity

I am considered to be of the Caucasian or white race, I have blonde hair, fair skin, and blue and brown eyes. I am from the Norwegain, from my mother's side of the family, and Scottish, from my father's side of the family.

Family Structure and Languages Spoken

My household consists of my nuclear family-my mom, dad, and 15 year-old brother. My parents act as a unit when making decisions by consulting one another. However, my father prides himself in being the "head of the family," as it is biblically stated. My grandparents do not live with us, but they moved near us because we are their only grandchildren (both of my parents are only children); therefore, we are very close to them and see them as often as we can. The primary language spoken in our household is English-despite my parents insisting my brother and I should be bilingual.

3 Customs

1.) Every year on the day after Thanksgiving, we decorate the house for Christmas while playing Christmas carols and eating leftovers to reward ourselves for our "hard work" afterwards. We take turns putting the angel on the tree as the final decoration to official welcome Christmas. It has been my favorite day of the year since I was younger and I can't wait to continue the same tradition with my family one day.

2.) When we first moved in to our house in 2001, we planted two trees in our backyard to represent my brother and I. Every year on Easter we take pictures next to them to see the evolution of us and the trees, as we both mature. It's a time of the year for us to reflect on all the growth we have achieved from the previous year and it is amazing to look back and see all the pictures lined up from when I was two years-old, to now.

3.) During the first week of January every year, we sit down and dedicate a couple of hours to sharing and adding to each others' resolutions as a family. This is a time for introspection and input from others who only want to see you grow. It is a wonderful way we can keep each other accountable and on track for success.

Family Healthcare Ideas

My parents both work in pharmaceutical sales so it is no surprise that my parents put their faith and trust into medicine. If they didn't believe the transformations medicine was capable of, they wouldn't devote their lives to selling it. My parents have a strong bias towards prescription name drugs vs. generic ones-you should see their reaction when a poor pharmacist or Doctor tries to hand them something generic! We have also been brought up learning that prevention is the best medicine so it is vital to keep your body in the best shape possible. For as long as I could remember, my mom laid out an array of vitamins we were to take each morning. As a family, we strive to workout, eat well, and overall maintain healthy lifestyles.

One Important Thing About My Culture

Although my family may believe in traditional medicine or have a different religious background, we are accepting of everyone else's beliefs. I was taught at a very young age to have respect for everyone's views and just because someone did something differently than us-didn't mean it was the "wrong way." I pride my culture in being a welcoming and accepting one.