All about Raul Rodriguez

all about me

10 Things about me

1. I enjoy all types of music( except country).

2.I like to watch anime(Death note,Tokyo ghoul,Attack on titan,etc.).

3.I enjoy playing games(team fortress 2,fallout 4, Call of duty,etc.).

4.I love art.

5.I enjoy being alone majority of the time.

6.I enjoy the outdoors.

7.i like to explore.

8.I enjoy learning about religions.

9. I Hate littering.

10.I enjoy watching documentaries.

My most embarrassing moment

My most embarrassing moment happened when i was 10 years old.I was running With my cousins and something distracted me so i lost my footing.I ended up tripping and falling face first into the dirt.

Strange Questions i have been asked

Weird questions

1.Why don't you ever wear anything nice?

2.why is your hair dyed?

3.Why don't you believe in religion?

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