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I love Monkeys and cheese which is what makes me so awesome. I am funny and a little on the crazy side. My favorite color is green and I love to sing. My favorite hobbies are singing, listening to music, and playing games with friends. This blog will keep you up to date about what kind of stuff I like to do.

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So far in my week it has been normal. I got robed of a personal file, but it is no biggy. I got to look at a water flea and algae through a microscope which was so cool. I can't wait until next Friday which is the biggest trip of the year for Chorus, Band, and Strings. Busch Gardens is right around the corner. I can't wait! My NWEA test is on Friday and my English teacher is going crazy about it. I don't blame her because she has a lot going on. I still don't understand why it is so serious. I know it is a big test, but she is making us go 24 7 studying. This is my first post of many see ya!

Scoop 2

It has been my week and it is time for the update I am going to a play tonight that will be awesome and just a week from today I get to go to Busch Gardens! My NWEA testing was fine and a got a good score. In science I got to be a bird and act like I was getting food from different biomes. My mat quiz wasn't hard, but I have to finish it on Monday See ya guys later!

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