See my story talarm!


The problem

My problem is that I have trouble falling asleep. I thought other people had trouble falling asleep too. When I did research I found out that 60 million people around the US have trouble sleeping. I also found out that kids need 9-11 hours of sleep each day. In conclusion, falling asleep is a very big problem and should be solved.

The story talarm: puts you to sleep with a story.

Prototype description

The Story Talarm helps you fall asleep by reading a story to you, gently lulling you to sleep. It automatically shuts off.

You use the Story Talarm by turning on the machine, setting the amount of time in seconds, and then it plays a story for that length of time.

Joshua S

I have had a lot of fun working on my prototype. The hardest part for me was when the whole raspberry pi shut down because I tried to attach it to the touch screen. Visit for more information.