This Is Me

My Amazing Future

Don't Be Afraid To Be YOURSELF; There Is No One Else Like You

I have a 'Orange' personality type! That means that I am a very fun, and creative person, but I can be quite competitive. When I am in school I am fun and happy with my friends but inside a lot of the stuff I do is a game, and I am competitive at that game. I always think that life is a game inside of a game and I have to be ready for whatever is thrown my way, but take it in with joy! Don't let it bring me down!


My Jobs and My Side Brain

I use mostly my right brain! Which means I am a crazy, fun, and creative person! Nothing ever puts me down! My top 3 jobs are Veteranarian, Surgeon, and an Art, Music, and Drama Teacher! I want to me a vet because I love animals and working with them to treat them for illness to make them better would make me feel good! I want to be a surgeon because it always amazed me to think that you were cutting into someone's body to make them better, and I would be able to treat them for illness! I want to be a Music teacher because I love music and teaching what I love to do to students who have the same interests would be a dream come true for me!