Block Island

By Noah, Jordan, Cade

All About Block Island

Block Island

Last summer my friends Cade, Noah, and Jordan were bummed because their parents were fighting, so after a while we found a Island, and it took us five years to build. We build all kinds of stuff.

We turned it into a resort and lots of people come to spend a night at a five star hotel which is $10.00 a night. Some of our Island floats so we can have a swirly slide and a diving board, and we have a spear gun practice so you can shoot squid.

We have 1 holiday and it lasts for 3 months it is called Blocksgiving it is a time to catch squid and to eat with your family, and about giving things notreaciving things. It is 95 degrees and always sunny. It snows 15 times a year. The people there are the bomb they are nice caring and always give a helping hand if needed. The favorite dessert of the Island is cupcakes on doughnut with doughnut holes on top.

I think you should come to our Island because it is fun, and if you want to have fun it is the place to be.

Minecraft is Just Awesome