Christmas ...

In the Phillipines


Philippines is the only Asian country which has Christianity as their religion chosen by all the people. The Christmas celebrations start nine days before the 25th of December and Christian people attend a special Mass called Misa De Gallo.At Misa De Gallo a story of Christ's birth is read from the Bible.
Each evening of the nine days before Christmas a couples chosen to do a re-enactment of Joseph and Mary's search for their shelter which is known as the Panunuluyan Pageant.
Christmas Day and Christmas Eve is very important to in the Philippines. On Christmas Eve a numerous amount of people stay awake all night including children! They also attend a Mass to listen to the last 'Simbang Gabi' which mean the 'The Night Mass'.
On Christmas Day there is a Mass held every hour so that all people can attend it. The Philippines has eight capital languages and here is how you can say 'Merry Christmas' in those languages.In Tagalog you say it as 'Maligayang Pasko. In Ilongo you say it as 'Malipayon nag Pascua'. In Sugbahanon it's Mayoong Pasko'. In Bicolana it's Maugmang Pasko' and in Pangosinense it's 'Maabig ya Pasko'.


In the Philippines people place their present around the decorated christmas tree. Sometimes they hang their Christmas Stockings on the ends of their beds, on the kitchen or along the staircase rail. Most Filipinos unwraps their presents in the morning and before they eat their lunch or after they have their lunch.

Gift Bearer

Because the Philippines have a mixture of USA and UK we have Santa Claus as our gift bearer. In the Philippines some people believe that he visits all the houses at dusk.
Santa Claus flying!! CAUGHT ON VIDEO!!!
Santa Claus flying at night to deliver presents.


The Philippines also have their own traditions like the 'Parol' which is a Philippine tradition. The Parol decoration is a bamboo pole or a frame with a lit star sitting on it. The Parol is traditionally built with bamboo strips and coloured Japanese paper or cellophane paper. The Parol represents the star that lead the Three Wise Men to the stable in Bethlehem. It is the most popular Christmas decoration in the Philippines. Some christmas traditions in the Philippines are a mixture of USA and UK and Aborigine Filipino traditions. That's why people in the Philippines have Santa Claus, Christmas Trees, Christmas Stockings, cards and carols.


On Christmas Day there is a big open house called the 'Noche Buena' where you can celebrate and wish your family, friends and neighbours a happy christmas.
Most families would have a number of platters put out that usually contain Lechon (roasted pig), ham, fruit salad, bibingka and buto bombong which are generally rice cakes and are also traditional Christmas foods, other types of sweets, steamed rice and various drinks.

Maligayang Pasko! /:-)

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You
A song by Mariah Carey about the one thing she really wants for Chrsitmas.