By: Sydney N


The Clove was originally found in Maluku islands in Indonesia but can now be harvested in many parts of Asia.

Botanical Information

The part that is harvested is the flower bud and then is turned into many things for different uses.

Common culinary uses

The clove is mainly used as a spice but can be used as a herb as well. The clove can be used dried, fresh, grounded and as a oil. It can be mainly used in sweet dishes like gingerbread dishes but can be savory with the use of different seasonings for meats.

Health benefits

There are many health benifits but some are that the clove protects the liver, boosts the immune system, can help with headaches, help with better digestion, and could control diabetes.

Interesting facts

People used to plant the clove trees to celebrate the birth of a new family member, cloves are also used in ketchup. Also cloves are known as one of the four best spices.
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