iPad Cart Protocol

Operations for usage of iPad Carts

iPad Cart Protocol

In an effort to increase accountability, and ensure that we continue to have the technology resources such that iPads provide, begin implementing the following device accountability protocol.

1. Check cart out according to the shared calendar process.

2. Assign a number to each of your students for each hour, this number will be theirs no matter the cart you have.

3. Whichever iPad cart you have, the student shall then have the iPad with their corresponding number (that you alpha-numerically assigned ahead of time). Be sure to check which iPads are missing before you hand them out.

4. At the end of each hour, make sure the iPads are all back and in the correct slots. If any are missing or damaged, check the number, and find the student responsible for that device.

5. If there are missing iPads that were not missing prior to the beginning of class, do not allow students to leave until missing device is found.

HACK: Apply same protocol to laptop carts when we get them back, also to books and desks!