Summer Changeover!


Hi! Friendly-Neighborhood Instructional Technician with an important announcement...

We all know the cost of progress is moving forward and it is that time again! We are leaving behind Windows 7 (and Windows 8.1) and updating all of those laptops and desktops to Windows 10!

Primary benefits to you:

- Updated (which means better/faster support)

- Consolidated (all Windows devices, hard-wired/mobile, look and feel the same)

- Accelerated... login times! No more waiting for a long sign-on to your computer!

Additionally, your files and data will be handled more as they originally were and will better emulate real-world procedures.

As such, however, this process will necessitate doing a data backup ASAP to ensure that you will have all your most important files when school starts back in the fall. In order to facilitate that process, I have provided an instructional video and a simple infographic to teach about USB drives and/or remind everyone how simple that process can be (below):

Big image
Data Backup to USB drive

That's All!

Nothing to it! Again, all-in-all, we tried out some fancy features that didn't totally work out as well as we had hoped and it's time to move forward and leave that behind and keep our technological experience as user-friendly but effective as possible.

If anyone would like in-depth information on the reasons behind the changes or more thorough instructions for data backup please contact and you will probably be deferred to me, personally, for assistance. Thanks!

Hudson Info-tech & Virtual Enterprise

Please let me know if there is any way we can help!