Tsunami Of ICE.

By: (: Kaitlynn B :)


Who? - A Tsunami made of Ice

What?- A Tsunami of ice occuring, and nobody knows why

When?- This event occured sometime in May

Where?- This Tsunami of Ice took place near Manitoba Cananda.

Why?- News reporters are saying, a big thing of ice was pushed by a sustained wind and the momentum of the ice overcame the friction of the land.

Basically, when the Tsunami hit, nobody was expecting it because it was about spring time. In a house near Manitoba Canada they heard a big knock, and then the Tsunami came and broke the window. They had no idea what hit them. Most got out of their houses to look and see what was going on.

Nobody really knows why this happened, because the day that it happened it was supposed to be really nice out, maybe in the middle of spring. Nobody was expecting this to happen, yet it did. The world surprises us everyday, and this is just one of the surprises.