The Regions Of The .U.S.A.

By.Jewel N

The Southwest Region

In the southwest they have lots of deserts, and they have Alamo. This region used to be home to many native Americans. Usually it is very dry and very hot. In this region the states are Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

The Northeast Region

In the northeast their are bogs, maple syrup, waterman, coal, mining people. Also they have lots of light houses to. In this region the Big Apple is really New York!!!! The states in this region are New York, Delaware, New Hampshire , Main, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvanian, and New Jersey.

The West Region

The West region grows potato, and different kinds of crops. In the west their are many volcanoes, casinos, and high population in parts and then low population in others. The states in the west are California, montana, Hawaii, Alaska, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Alaska, Colorado,

The Southeast Region

In the southeast region their are hurricanes, tobacco, cotton, fruits, and oranges. Also lots of key lime pies! :) yummy. A long time ago that is where most of the slavers where at. The states in this region are Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, north Carolina, south Carolina, Virginia, and west Virgina.

The Midwest region

In the Midwest region there are barges, the Great Lakes, lots of cheese and dairy products, corn, cows, farms, and flat lands. The states of this region are Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri Illinois, Indiana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio,

Some pictures america showing all of the 5 regions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

some vidios about the us regions