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March 2019

March Madness! I would definitely agree that the weather has been maddening. There are many great things happening this month, and I'm hoping that a break in weather is one of them.

Thank you to all of our families for your understanding and patience as we navigated the early release day on Wednesday of last week. I appreciate all of those that were willing to pitch in and help, as well as, those waiting in line to pick up your child(ren).

Glasses.... Is your child missing a pair? or two.. or even 3? Because we are close to opening a side hustle of optic wear! I've included pictures of glasses that we have acquired over the last few months. We've made announcements to students, but no takers. I'm hoping some parents can identify some missing specs! If you see a pair that looks familiar- they are being held in our office. Please let us know how we can reunite a pair or two!

News to share....

Mother / Son Dodgeball event is this Friday, March 8th. Tickets needed to be purchased prior to the event.

MoMo Challenge- I wanted to follow up regarding questions we've had regarding the "MoMo Challenge". There is a lot of information floating around about whether this is real or not, but either way, it's important to me that I get you the information we have. We have been told that these individuals are hijacking child games and youtube videos and "challenging" them to do things that will cause harm to someone else or directly to them. It has spread like wildfire across the district and really across the nation. I want you to know that the district has added additional security levels so that students cannot search keywords while using school devices. I've included information about the Momo challenge below. Although, it's disgusting that individuals are trying to harm our children, I can promise you that this won't be the last of this type of nonsense. Any information that I receive regarding anything that can hurt our children, I will make sure you have. For now, please make sure that you are monitoring your child's use of youtube, apps, and games because that is what these cyber hackers are targeting.

Stopping for our Busses- The Sheriff's department has put out a quick reminder about when to stop for our school busses. Please visit the link below for a quick refresher.

Helping a family- We've recently had a New Haven family lose their house and all belongings in a fire last week. We are trying to help them rebound from such a loss. We are trying to help them find resources for clothing, housewares, etc. If you are able to help in any way, please contact Jennifer McGraw at New Haven Elementary. 859-384-5325

Repeats to be aware of:

SBDM Council Parent Representatives- We are in an election year for our School Based Decision Making Council. Our PTA runs the election process because it is the largest parent organization at New Haven. Elections will be held in April, but I wanted to be proactive and get the word out there. We usually have 2 parent reps on the council, and the term is for 2 years. Our PTA will be sending out more information soon, but if you have specific questions please feel free to contact me.

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Celebrating Great Things!

Father / Daughter dance was so wonderful. The girls looks amazing. It was like a mini-prom. :) We had a lot of dad's out on the dance floor this year, which was awesome. Of course, we also had a LOT of smiling faces, which is why we do it! Thank you to our PTA for organizing and sponsoring the event, and also our teachers who helped out to make sure it ran smoothly. There are many more pictures from the night on our FB page!

Odyssey of the Mind teams- We have 2 teams that are moving on to the next competition level! Everyone did such a super job at the district competition. Watch out STATE... here we come!

Tiger's Archery team- another year of personal bests and rising to the top! We have such a passionate and talented group of 4th and 5th graders just killing it at the tournaments!

New Haven PTA website

Class Homerooms for 2019-2020

19-20 Placements (REPEAT from February's Newsletter)

Every year I try to send something out regarding placements for the following year because we tend to have a lot of questions about the process. We are definitely a growing community, and as of right now I can't tell you if we will have additional staff for next year because of our growth. I also can't tell you that every teacher will be with the same grade level, but currently we have about 6 to 7 teachers per grade level. We need to make changes for the best of our students. I can tell you that we have amazing teachers at New Haven, who all have a variety of strengths. I feel very strongly about the high expectations of teaching and learning, and the expertise of our teachers. I also know, as a teacher, that we all have different strengths and qualities that contribute to the success of the team. All grade levels are expected to work as a team allowing for all students to have the same experiences. Each teacher brings to the table an unique teaching style guided with the same standards. We take all of this into consideration as we begin to plan for the following year.

Creating class homerooms really is a complex process because we look at, and consider many different criteria. We look at male / female ratios, achievement, needs (academic, social, emotional, etc), in addition to several other things. It is not a random process, but we also understand that sometimes there are other factors that need to be considered. We do not accept requests for specific teachers. Do not feel like you have to submit a request, I just am sharing what our procedure is for those that have had questions. However, I also respect that as a parent, you have insights to consider. There are situations that need to be considered that perhaps we don't have insight to, such as previous relationships with other students or teachers. We want every student to be placed in the best scenario we can create with the information that we have. There are some situations where students need to be separated from each other because they get along too well. :)

So what does this mean?
We need you to be an integral part of your child's success throughout the year. You are their first teacher, and see somethings that we do not. We will be accepting placement requests from parents that follow specific guidelines that will allow us to make the best match for student success. Requests are not guarantees, nor will all requests be honored. Ultimately it will be about creating the best learning environment for everyone, while trying to match the qualities that best meet your child's needs.
Request must:

  • Explain what specific academic or social needs your child has.
  • What qualities / characteristics in a teacher would best meet the needs of your child?
  • Address other concerns if applicable to placement. (ex: health, personality conflicts, etc.)

Please DO NOT ask for a specific teacher or to be placed with a group of friends- these requests will not be considered.

Class lists are worked on throughout the spring/summer. Students will receive their homeroom information prior to school beginning in August.

Upcoming events @ New Haven

March ** Kindergarten Registration Month**

8th- Mother & Son DODGEBALL event (Pre-registration required)
10th- Spring Clocks forward!!!
15th- No school
20-22nd- COSI (We need parent volunteers- PLEASE!)
22nd- Extreme Spirit Day (Crazy outfits)
25th- Kindergarten Registration 4:30 to 7:00
27th- 5th grade goes to Frankfort / SBDM meeting 4:30

4th- Kona Day (sponsored by 4th grade)
5th- PAWS Friday
8th- 12th: SPRING BREAK
18th- Student Council leads the Pledge at the Board of Education Meeting (7:15)
23rd- General PTA meeting
24th- SBDM meeting / Secretaries Day

6th- 17th- ** Tentative State Testing Window for 3rd - 5th grades**

21st- No school
22nd- SBDM meeting 4:30 pm

27th- Memorial Day

Click the link below to find out about specific information (like basketball game times, practices, field trips, etc.)

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New Haven Elementary

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