Walker Bulldog Newsletter

Materials Pickup

Walker Supply Pick-up

Just a reminder that our materials pickups are happening on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Kindergarten is Wednesday by appointment only.

- Park in the parking lot.

- Stay 6 feet apart from others on the sidewalk.

- Check in at the front door with your child's first and last name on a piece of paper.

- Your temperature will be taken by our school nurse.

- Only one adult may enter the building with a child and can wait in the gym.

1st through 4th Grades is Thursday

1st Grade - 8:00

2nd Grade - 9:00 If you have a device at home, bring it back to school (2nd only for now)

3rd Grade - 10:00

4th Grade - 11:00

-Turn around and pull up in front of Walker School.

- If walking, form a line 6 feet apart.

- Write your child’s full name and grade on a paper and show in your window.

- We will place materials in your trunk.

- Please wear a mask and please stay in your car.


Seesaw us our new communication tool as well as where your child will go to receive and complete assignments. We will be sending home a QR code with your student to log onto their chromebook and Seesaw account. Keep this packet and school supplies in a safe place for Monday, August 31st, our first day of school!